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Welcome to NW Paranormal Investigative Team! We are well trained and skilled investigators working to provide the public answers to their paranormal activity through professional investigations. For our investigations, we take a scientific and spiritual approach.  For the scientific approach, we use equipment such as, Mel Meters, K2 Meters, Digital Cameras, Infrared Handheld and Still Cameras & Digital Recorders. For the spiritual approach, we have on staff, June Lundgren, Psychic and Medium who uses her abilities to help us and our clients understand what may or may not be present at the location of the investigation.

 **Aaron Collins, Co Founder, Lead Investigator, Ordained Minister,  Former Tour Guide at Shanghai Tunnels/ Portland Underground and Executive Producer/ Host for Television’s Paranormal Crossings.

Aaron Collins was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He moved to the Pacific Northwest when he was just 17 years old. Aaron encountered his first “paranormal experience”. It was so terrifying that it not only shook him but left him with questions which began his curiosity and fascination with the paranormal. In 1993 he began a career in the security field which led to internal and external retail loss prevention investigations. Applying his investigative skills, Aaron co founded NW Paranormal Investigative Team. Aaron has been investigating and researching the paranormal for over 20 years. In early January 2014, Aaron co created, co hosted and produced Blog Talk Radio’s Paranormal Crossings. Paranormal Crossings is a talk show focusing on interviewing professional in the paranormal field as well as owners, curators and victims of haunted locations. In April 2014 Aaron brought Paranormal Crossings to television as the Host and Executive Producer. Aaron has interviewed people such as Psychic Mediums, Paranormal Investigators, Authors, Actors and more. In 2018, Aaron will be taking Paranormal Crossings to a new level by bridging the gap between talk show and paranormal investigative show! Paranormal Crossings can be seen on Metro East Community Media channels and YouTube.

Aaron and his teams objective is to help others that may be experiencing paranormal activity by using investigative skills, technical and spiritual methods to determine the cause of the activity.

** Christina J Cullins, Paranormal Investigator and Co Host for televisions Paranormal Crossings

Christina was born and raised in Gresham, Oregon. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. She has always had a fascination with the paranormal and the unexplained. She had her first paranormal experience when she was very young after the death of a family member, which in fact began her lifelong curiosity and her search for answers.

June's Bio Pic**June Lundgren, Psychic Medium, International Author, Demon Seer, Paranormal Investigator and Animal Communicator.

I am a psychic medium, nurse, healer and author. I come from a long line of women with psychic and spiritual gifts. We are of Scottish, Irish, and American Indian descent. I help people connect with those who wish to make a connection with their loved ones who have died. I do whole house and land cleansing, clearing and blessings. I help to get remove of earthbound spirits, shadow people and in some cases demonic entities.

     I also help resolve issues from past lives causing problems in this life.  As a spiritual healer, I am a conduit for God’s light.  My medical background helps me pinpoint the causes of pain, inflammation, and disease.

            My maternal grandmother who raised me was a clairvoyant.  She was the cousin of famed aviator Wiley Post and “saw” the plane crash that killed him and entertainer Will Rogers in 1935.  I will always remember and cherish her words of advice.  “Always keep an open mind, question everything, and never take anything for granted.  There is more within this world and the next than either you or I can know.”

June’s Website: Mystic Connections

** Wendy Stanton – Phillips, Case Manager, Paranormal Investigator and Sensitive.

There’s never been a time when spirits were not in my world. They were just part of my life. I was raised by older parents who taught me to keep an open mind. I’ve raised mine the same. I hear them, see them scurry and at painful times have felt them comfort me. Mine have been positive for the most part, tho I have had to deal with the negatives, a few evils-to protect my children. To be honest, I’d be lonesome without them. It gives me great comfort to know this life isn’t “IT.” It makes one feel comforted to help those who wish to continue on, or help those who are sad. They are just a part of me and I feel blessed they have chosen me.

** Adam Olson, Paranormal Investigator, Tech Specialist

Adam is skeptical of paranormal happenings but is open to the thought that things do go bump in the night. He does question how many of those bumps are in the mind of the beholder. Adam has spent the last 22 years honing his skills reading peoples behavior and interviewing people in his many investigations. Adam is an easy going guy of few words and is always up for a good laugh.

A quote from Adam “ I hope to some day not only see proof of ghost, but see it for myself. When I do you might only find my shoes and a pile of poop, for I will be long gone from the area.”

**Heather Hubbard, Investigator – in – Training, Sensitive.

Heather is a sensitive who was raised with an open mind by her mother, Wendy, whose involvement with the paranormal has helped her curiosity flourish. She is eager to learn more and expand her abilities.

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