Jeff Davis’s Spirit Tales of the Vancouver Barracks Ghost Walk

About the Spirit Tales of the Vancouver Barracks Tour:

The Vancouver Barracks was founded in 1849, and members of the United States military served there until 2011.  In those years, thousands of service members, their families, civilians, and prisoners walked its grounds.  In over 150 years, they left their mark on the land and the buildings, leaving behind many memories.  Stories have grown up about the Vancouver Barracks, stories of loneliness, fear and tragedy, all part of the darker aspects of military life.  Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you will be interested in the stories of the Vancouver Barracks’ past inhabitants.

The Spirit Tales of the Vancouver Barracks tour was designed by local historian and author Jefferson Davis.  Jeff served at the Vancouver Barracks for many years, and has first hand experience with both the spooky and ordinary history of the Vancouver Barracks.  Please join him and the other tour guides to learn more about the Vancouver Barracks’ shady past.

*** For more information on our friend Jeff Davis and his Spirit Tales of the Vancouver Barracks Ghost Walk Tour, Please visit his website by clicking the link below.